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Our company, which was established in 1987, aimed to increase its quality and market share as of the day it started operating, and has adopted the principle of maintaining the reliability of our customers in our products and our company. It has come to the present day with its years of experience, understanding of discipline, a working system that believes in the power of team spirit, and a business policy that constantly invests in its sector. 
Our facility located in İzmir Menemen District Ulukent Industrial Zone

It is located on a 17.500 m2 area with 6.750 m2 closed.

With 18 overhead cranes with a carrying capacity of up to 35 tons

our manufacturing facility; Its annual production capacity is 9,000 tons. 
Our company, which has a history of 37 years, has specialized in its field with the experience it has gained in technical and commercial fields, and as a result of the large investments it has made in the production facility and machinery park over the years; It has become a sought-after company that can do business in various fields such as steel factory manufacturing, power plants, industrial steel manufacturing, regardless of region. 


The view that the most suitable building material for our country in the earthquake zone is steel or steel-concrete composite is now a reality that everyone agrees on. The steel structure is the most effective measure against earthquakes. Because;


Steel is safe against earthquakes since the steel structure is light, the earthquake load it will be affected by and the earthquake energy that it needs to absorb is also less. The flexibility of the steel and its large deformation feature allows the structure to survive the earthquake undamaged, saving lives.

​ ​

The steel structure is long-lasting, easy to be renewed, and provided that it is designed correctly, it is easy to make horizontal and vertical additions to the steel structure, climb a new floor, and remove certain sections. The structure can be easily changed over time and can be used for 50-100 years.

​ ​

Steel is a fast, economic, steel carrier system; It is rapidly produced in the factory, in an industrial environment, and assembled in a short time. The production speed of the steel structure is very important for the expected Istanbul earthquake. In addition to the economic benefit provided by the construction period, the extra space gained thanks to the much smaller sized columns and beams, more floors at the same height, long life of the building, and ease of renewal increase the economic value of the steel structures. It also ensures that most of the desired work is done as much as possible in the limited time we do not know how much is left.

Steel is open to control in production and use, steel structure is an industrial product, and its production is under control. All elements of the structure are open to inspection even when the structure is in use.

​ ​

Steel is the material of the sustainable development age, compatible with nature, it does not cause any harm to the environment during steel making and use. It is 100% recyclable and leaves no waste or residue. It is the building material necessary for sustainable construction.

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